Thursday, February 7, 2013

Signing Day Thoughts

Just a quick note for my thoughts on Signing Day.

Overall, I am satisfied with this class.  I understand why some people are complaining, we definitely missed out on more of the top in-state talent this year than usual, but I can honestly say the only prospect I'm really bummed about losing was Tunsil (who wasn't even an in-state prospect).  I think that was a huge loss, he seems like as close to a sure-fire prospect as you can get, as long as he stays healthy, and there just aren't too many of those elite-level tackles out there. So when you have the chance to get one, it hurts to lose them. 

Don't get me wrong, I would have LOVED to land Kamara and/or Adams as well, but losing them doesn't strike me as being as big a loss as Tunsil.  Of course, if we end up with a stretch next year where both Gurley and Marshall are injured, I will be singing a different tune.  But, we still got 32 guys and like most other things in life, recruiting is largely a numbers game, so hopefully we get a fair amount of future star players out of this class.

The Grantham news will be interesting to follow.  If he really did get on the phone with Davin Bellamy and assure Bellamy that he would be staying, it would look terrible to do a 180.  My gut tells me that Grantham fully intends on staying, but may go do an interview or two to test out what his market value is for future/current negotiations.  But.............we'll see.


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