Our Manifesto


Welcome, and thank you for stumbling into our very small corner of the blogosphere. Your three gracious hosts here are Reverend Whitewall, SimpleMan98, and LCUGA. The silent member of our posse is Reeder 3:16.........he's a man of few words, though you will see his profound comments occasionally.  We are nothing more than 4 guys who went to UGA together (mid thru late 90's), love the Dawgs, think Athens is the closest thing to heaven on earth, and are just presumptuous enough to think that people might care enough to read our opinions and analysis on UGA and other topics of interest. 

And that is our primary goal with this blog - opinions and analysis. There are some blogs out there that are very good at providing the "inside scoop" on UGA Athletics. We have no inside contacts, so anything you read us discussing here will be topics that can easily be found from other sources, we just want to provide our spin. Likewise, there are blogs that do a phenomenal job of collecting a wide range of links and updating their blogs multiple times throughout the day. We can't even begin to match those guys, and thus won't try. When we post something, it is something that has really caught our eye, and we find particularly interesting and/or evokes an opinion.

We hope that you will be willing to share your opinions as well in the comments. We have chosen to use the "Disqus" commenting system, as it is has more features than the default Blogger commenting system. To leave a comment on a post, just click the Comment link at the bottom of the post, enter your text into the box that appears, then click on "Post As". Once you click on "Post As", it will prompt you to enter the screen name of your choice. You can create a Disqus profile if you like so you don't have to enter your screen name each time, but that is up to you. But whether you love the post, just have additional thoughts, or think we are complete idiots, we'd love to have the feedback. We're all adults here, so we are intending for comment moderation to be pretty limited --- as long as you aren't launching any F-bombs, GD's, the combo effort of GDMF'er, or blatantly posting false info, we're going to be cool.  You can also reply to specific comments by clicking the "Reply" button under the comment you are targeting. Then once you post your comment, it will appear underneath the targeted comment, slightly indented.

Well, that's about it. Again, thank you for visiting the site, and we hope you come back.

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